Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paypal Account

Paypal account was one of many e-currencies in internet.. What i want to share with all was, if we want to get others money transection, if our buyer from Malaysia we can just use other banks in Malaysia example Maybank or CIMB..

If our buyer or we provide a services, we can take payment by a Paypal.. So, if you want to make account with paypal you must verified you account using debit or credit card..

I already verified my account with my Public Bank Debit Card..I want to share with all my Paypal payment of this month.. Even my paypal had been create since 2006 but in 2008 my account been get in of money.. :) Its was my affort to get more money just sharing with others... :)

I really want to share with all my statement.. After I can solve the problem I will put my statement here.. So, stay tune.. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


What I mean with planing?!! For sure many from us dint planing to drop by to my blog in first time right?!! :)
Ok, that's not was actually my planing and sharing, just want share planing very impotent for us.. Many from us don't fail to planing,but fail to make a planing...

So, what should we do?!! Make a first step to make a planing.. :) That was a first step we should do.. After make a planing what should we do,make a details of planing to make a new project..

Details I make some example, if we planing go to vacation what should we prepay? For sure we plan to go where,how much our money,how many day our staying there, and where will sleep..

Thats what some of simple idea from me.. Hope U all can make a move to plan to be success in you life.. Stay tune Stay A Life... :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Simple Way To Getting $200 In A week..

Firstly I want to apologies coz my blog dint update around 5 day coz to many work in one time..
I just get back from Malacca,I had to attend a wedding of my cousin.. Here I want to share with all of u from what I get from Mr. Syed.. He's was I can said Otai at WangCyber Forum.

You really want to get extra earn with join the course with Mr. Syed.. You can Click Here
For right now I did not join yet.. For sure because dont get extra earn.. ;)

I want to share because Mr. Syed is was the Internet marketeer in Malaysia was been success in his carrier..So, what make u all to wait long time to get sharing from sifu.. :)
Come let get more lesson from this sifu, sharing with him what make he get a lot of money.. :)

So, stay tune with my blog.. Hope, I will learn and sharing with all new info,..

How To Impress Anyone In Business

Here some sharing tips for all..

1- Be on time... Punctuality is essential.

2-Do your work.

3-Make a mental dossier on people.

4- Remember people's name and small details about them

5- Be honest.

6- Let other people talk.

7- Be self-deprecating and disarming..

Some of the tips may be use in offline business.. The simple tips from me..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life To Short......

For sure we just being a wile in this world... Just right now my neighbour pass away, just in sleep. We also done no went we time is..Right? :) By the way we can prepay before we trough it..

What must we done?!!

1) Done being scared to trough dead..
2) Spent or make some saving to our account. The emergency acc.. :)
3) Make friend with money people..
4) Help others went they need help..

I think all of u can share others with just post some comment to my blog.. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost Money In Domain Name?!!

Hmm.. I'm really seed because my early of domain name had a problem yesterday.. All my post in the recent post has missing.. :(
So, I had to make new back.. Even do its never make me lost my spirit to share with all of u.. :)

So, what i want to share?!! First of all make sure all of among us want to get money from internet.. Right?! I want to share with all of u what i done to get some extra money.. :)

1) Join the Forum paid per post.. Done make the SPAM to the forum..Just in one post we want to make selling.. First of all make a friend with all members of forum.. Give first take later..

2) Paid per survey.

3) Sell a picture.

4) Sell info to others blog

5) Make own blog attach adsense to our blog or web.. :)

6) Join others from advertisement and publish at our web or blog.

Simple one cents sharing from me...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Talent That Given For Boys Only Years Old?!!

my friend at Japan.. So, what u are now.. Its Topic what i want to share is about 6 years old boys had a given talent by ALLAH, had a great playing piano. He, more look like expertize.. :) I got now about this boy talent is by my mail from doesn't matter.. If u still want to learn more u will get what u want.. Different people had different expertize.. So, like u and me.. Maybe, I got something expertize in making a donut.. But i don't know how to make chicken chop for example.. But u know how to make it.. U can see what is different u and me.. ;) Just simple sharing for today..

So, stay tune.. Stay Alive.. Come soon to look my others sharing.. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sharing Make Our Caring!!

Sharing make us caring.. For sure u need to know what was i mean.. I just finish read my others friend blog.. It make me really appreciate what meaning of sharing.. I want to share others blog of friend at Malaysia.. It make us know and learn from others.. This are the blog's..

1) Smartzul

2) SaifulSham

3) Smswang

4) Forum Komuniti

5) Mesra Internet

This was others site I spand my time to get some idea but not stealing from them.. Like copy from their site then paste to our page..

Ok, see u all next topic.. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Free Report!!To get Money?!!

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What is blog marketing?

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Also I just get Info that i just won It.. See It Here

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dealing with own problem to manage money?!!

Assalammualaikum and Hi..

Firstly i want to share with all about the sadness about missing child of Sharline about a week.. Everyday in news story about this child will been the first in news.. How come this issue can be more worse..? We as Malaysian not have feel of neighborhood..

Back to the title, dealing with own problem manage money?!!
By the way, i want to share with all is, about my own manage money.. What is make this problem is, we done failed make planning but we failed to plan.

What is my problem, I failed to plan my money. I also failed to manage my own planing money. I failed to handle my own problem about handling money.. I really failed because i want to be like others.. But finally, i realize that was not my necessity but it was my desire of things..

For right now i want to share its because don't what more of people to manage their own money.. I will share it after i finally manage my own financial..By the way you can make opinion from bankers to manage your finance.

So, stay tune with my blog.. Hopefully this simple idea will make you realise about simple thing, what you not realize..

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Think Like A Billionaire!!!

Assallammualaikum and Hi,

Firstly, i want to share i just get my public bank debit card. So, i can verified my Paypal acc. :-) Even do its was late, but its was my first step to get successfully in my Internet Business. So, if we done start our first step, so we can get more to start successful.So, my Paypal more step to reach in verified user..

What i want to share is, i just borrowed a book from library at my office, the book written by Billionaires who start the Apprentice!Mr. Donald J. Trump! :-) Actually i dint yet finish done read the book. But, in the starting of book its make me really excited to know what will I get after next sheet.. :-)

After read few of the sheet from his book, he start with want us to start think like Billionaires!!For sure if we done think like they we cant get achieve the target right?!!

It's was really exciting when i start read about his book.. He make me to learn something done realize something maybe we think its simple but in cant make we achieve our target..!!

For sure all of us done trust if Mr.Donald J.Trump said he never ever used ATM card in his life?!! But its really for sure he doesn't no how to use it..?!! Its make he know how to control his money..

Other things different from us is he just sleep only 4 hours per day.. He sleep on 1 a.m then hes week up at 5 a.m..What?!! Just 4 hours sleep?!!

So, if we want to start to achive our target to be a Billionaires we need to start this few step today!! I will share more of it after i done read. I will share its on my next blog.. So, stay tune.. :-)

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Yesterday Of Learning Lesson!!Extra Money!!

Assallamualaikum And Hi,

I want to share with all my readers about lesson i get yesterday.. What i want to share is 9 step to start you own business..

1- Make you own hobby as a business.
2- Thing's or service you search but you not found it.
3- Solve other problem then share with others..
4 - Make a new habit or full of passion in matter.
5- Use your experience in job right now.
6- Take a old idea make it to fresh or new idea.
7 - Others bigs company cant do it own..
8- Make a research today trend- Use it to solve it..
9- Take a chance with others failers product and make it different.

Hopefully with this sharing, all of u can make some of idea to make extra money..
More others info if u want stay tune with my blog.. :-)

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally My Own Domain Name


Fuh!!Finally i had my own domain name.. :-) I really need help.. Hopefully Mr. Timerz my hosting seller.. Its really help full.. I want to share with all is this was not simple as we thought.. But with help its make we done its more easier..Supporter by this hosting really help me.. This was my First Step investment to Full my Earn..

Firstly in my new blog what i want to share is,you may start e-biz by buying our own domain before others people get you own domain name.. :-) I want to share my hosting plan because its really chip & even student package their have.. Rm 20 u get u’r hosting with rm 28 for domain name..

I really need help from others to get more help.. But i will not less my sharing of info getting more money.. For today info i want to share with all is about Payloadz..

How we can get more money buy register in Payloadz and get money..

If u done have PayPal must register it first and get verified..

Then, u can must register with PayLoadz.

Then u can read the T.O.S at the PayLoadz.

If u all need to know more info just email me.. :-)

From my own domain name FirstFullEarn

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Simple Way Getting Extra Money $$$

Hi All my readers.. Below is what i get from JonLeger..I want to share with all just download share with friend you will get $$$$.. :-) Simple Hah?!! :-) So, what make u want to wait more longer..??!!

Hi Zam,

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally I get Money By Paypal..

You've got new funds!

Dear SHAHKHAIRUL NIZAM, just sent you money with PayPal. is a Verified buyer.

To complete this payment, you must accept or deny it within 30 days. If you do not accept or deny this payment within 30 days, it will be cancelled and the funds will be returned to's account.

From above details i want to share i just get payment by my advertising using Payloadz.. Just want to share with all of u.. We can make money with internet without lying to people..

That's for now.. I really happy even do its was small money.. But it's make me work more hard to get more.. :-)

Because of that i want to share with all of u.. The free ebook.. That's what u need to do is by the download this ebook..

Friday, January 4, 2008

Disepointed...Still had the same email about getting money..

Assalammualaikum and hi to all my friend readers..
What did I want to share is,some of us still not know what is the scam and the true way of getting money from the Internet..But right now what i want to share is.. The way of getting extra money using the internet.. We not laying to others but we share what we get from the internet..
Still done now what to sell and still not sure that u product can sell..?
That's what i have think a lots.. But it done get me anywhere on 2007.. Just think what to do in no action we will get nothing.. So?!! "Just Do It" Nike slogan.. :-) If we dint start the first step of getting extra money,we will still in the same place,because we dint start the first step to get the first learning of extra from internet..
Done be the spam even do we want to get extra money.. What i mean is done lied to people to get easy way to get money by using name of "Jihad Economy" to get the easy way of extra money.. Its done have simply way to get the money.. But its still have the way to get extra money ..I will share the way in my next blog episode.. :-)
Hope u all will stay tune..And get some idea to start new step..

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meaning Of Money at my eye's and Malaysian..

Assallammualaikum and good morning.. Hmm... What is meaning of money at my opinion??!! For sure everything today need a money..!! Right or not?!!
So, i want to ask,money are important to us or not?!! For me money is everything.. Not because i'm crazy of money.. But without of money we cant do anything.. But if we had a money we can buy or bought anything we want.. Right?!!
Today, was 2nd day for school in Malaysia right..?!! For sure many people will spent more time at school with their child.. Because, some of their child are afraid go to school and excited go to school.. What i meant is,some of us are afraid to spent their time & some money to make different life.
For sure when we had money problem,we will get spam email,sms and mailbox letter.. What i mean?!!! For sure i had get the letter and email about how simple we can get Rm30,000 with the name of alms money to help each other ISLAM!!!! What their mean of that?!!! Their really don't realize what are their doing by using the name of ISLAM!!!
But what i want to share is don't being fool with this guys or group who want to use your money for their own use.. I hope by my sharing of this info,more of use more alert about this things..
See u in next topic..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Learning!!

Salam & Hi all my readers..Today's i learn many thing to install more thing to my own blog..
1) I already added time to all of u so u will know how much time u have been spend to visit my blog.. :-)
2) Manage my acc of blog. Adds more relative thing suitable item to my own blog..
3) Learn from friend why my blog cant do the simple thing.. :-)

This is really mean full for me.. The lesson i learn today even do we don't know anything, if we learn and ask from somebody how may know about it, we will learn and make it really easy way..

Today also i get free ebook from my friend u also can get it right here.. Money will not out from our pocket. :-)

The Death of NetworkMarketing

See you again.. If anything i get free from others i will share with all of u..