Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rm 4,000 In 10 minute....

I'm sure many people will interested the head of my title... Actually i also will read if i read the header of title like that.. What did i mean about that i want to share with my reader of blog the best title of advertising.. I want to share because i get the secret from the people have making so much money from internet.. I get so much info from the blog of them... I also realize there a no simple to make money online... So, go back to our topic.. :-)
1) Give the info of you product, not the story of the product.. Still don't know? Give the benefit of your product. Still don't know? Ok.. Give reason why people must buy the product from u..
2) Done use the font different from other.. That mean, what will u seen different right here..
I need.. I need..So u can see the different right.. Use the size 8 or 12 size font..
Ok i will continue the info next day.. Because tomorrow is Hari Raya AidilAdha.. I want to wish all Islam people.. Enjoy the hari raya.. I also be off day about 3 days.. :-)

Before i end my blog.. I want to share with all my blog reader.. This vid..