Thursday, January 24, 2008

Simple Way To Getting $200 In A week..

Firstly I want to apologies coz my blog dint update around 5 day coz to many work in one time..
I just get back from Malacca,I had to attend a wedding of my cousin.. Here I want to share with all of u from what I get from Mr. Syed.. He's was I can said Otai at WangCyber Forum.

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For right now I did not join yet.. For sure because dont get extra earn.. ;)

I want to share because Mr. Syed is was the Internet marketeer in Malaysia was been success in his carrier..So, what make u all to wait long time to get sharing from sifu.. :)
Come let get more lesson from this sifu, sharing with him what make he get a lot of money.. :)

So, stay tune with my blog.. Hope, I will learn and sharing with all new info,..

How To Impress Anyone In Business

Here some sharing tips for all..

1- Be on time... Punctuality is essential.

2-Do your work.

3-Make a mental dossier on people.

4- Remember people's name and small details about them

5- Be honest.

6- Let other people talk.

7- Be self-deprecating and disarming..

Some of the tips may be use in offline business.. The simple tips from me..