Thursday, January 17, 2008

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What is a blog?

A typical blog serves as an online journal or diary where
an individual lets the world know how they think and feel
about certain things. If you are a member of,, or any other social networking site, there's
a good chance you have been writing in a blog and didn't
even know it.

What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing is the use of a blog or blogs to produce
traffic for the purpose of monetizing that traffic. Using
a blog to market a product or merely as a means of
producing online income is cheaper than using a website, a
lot cheaper. This is mainly because of the availability of
free blog services that are in many ways just as good as
having a website you spent a boatload of money on. Because
blog marketing has few barriers to entry, it is an
excellent way for a beginner to get their feet wet in the
Internet Marketing business.

Thanks to both the human and Search Engine demand for
quality content, it's entirely possible to make serious
money from creating, promoting, and maintaining blogs. As we
hope to show you, turning a blog into a cash machine is
relatively inexpensive and can be done by anyone who
understands the basics of marketing and the Internet.

How We Got Started With Blogs

For about as long as we can remember we've had a softspot
for cold hard cash. We've always been willing to do anything
(if it was legal and ethical) to get our hands on piles of cash.
It was our love of the green stuff that got us interested in blogs.

While everyone we knew was writing in a blog to tell the
world about their girlfriends, or boyfriends, or to express their
political discontent, we were starting a blog to see how much
cash we could generate while investing a minimum amount of
our own money and time. Starting a blog as a means of
creating cash made perfect sense to us. After all, blogs are
super easy and cheap to create, easy to customize, cheap
and easy to maintain, cheap to promote, and can easily become
traffic magnets because they contain quality content updated
regularly by the owner.

What is quality content?

Quality content is any content that does not exist anywhere
else on the web and actually provides valuable information
to the reader. The more meaningful and unique the content
to the reader the more traffic you will receive.

If you can keep the Search Engines and your human readers
happy, you will do very well in this business. Creating
fresh, informative and regularly adding it to you blog is
relatively easy, even if you're not the biggest fan of

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