Wednesday, January 30, 2008


What I mean with planing?!! For sure many from us dint planing to drop by to my blog in first time right?!! :)
Ok, that's not was actually my planing and sharing, just want share planing very impotent for us.. Many from us don't fail to planing,but fail to make a planing...

So, what should we do?!! Make a first step to make a planing.. :) That was a first step we should do.. After make a planing what should we do,make a details of planing to make a new project..

Details I make some example, if we planing go to vacation what should we prepay? For sure we plan to go where,how much our money,how many day our staying there, and where will sleep..

Thats what some of simple idea from me.. Hope U all can make a move to plan to be success in you life.. Stay tune Stay A Life... :)