Thursday, February 14, 2008

PPC ADVANCE Advanced AdWords Strategies - Part 1!

I get this from you tube.. Hope we can learn it together.. :)

Balance work and romance

How all of your balance work and romance..?!! For sure without of romance just a work.. Life had no meaning.. :) Yergh!! For sure.. I you just alone in this world.. What make u to work hard in this world!!
If we just spend all 24 hours Allah give to each person in this world just to work.. What will happen to our family, and person who we love.. :) If we just spend all of day to work without plan.. For sure time will not enough.... :)

Without a good plan of work for sure we will not enough time to spend to do a great job + good lovers.. :) So, how u want to balance you work + romance.. This some tips..

Work together in successful people.give a effort in long run.. ;)