Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad Story And Good Story...

Hai all my readers.. If i get someone.. :-) However i want to share with all.. My Good news for sure.. I already being DAD!!!!! That for the good news.. But in bad news.. My father had to cut his finger at his leg because his got injury at his leg and his diabetics not so good... :-( I'm really sad.. But right now, after the operation his going ok.. Hopefully he will be ok soon..

Ok back to my sharing info how we can make our advertising of product..

3) Give them solution why the must buy the product from u not from others.. Give the way if problem has come.. Not the way to prevent.. For exp. did u want to buy a book how to cook otherwise u dont have much time to cook?!

That's for now.. What i want to share is want i get free from others.. If we share,we will get more is it?