Thursday, February 21, 2008

Many Internet Marketier

Right now, in Malaysia many of people realise about make money online business.. So, there a many choice from buyer or people who need a service from internet marketier in Malaysia..

But today I want to share with all what happen when i want to be a publisher with this company but they don't accept candidates from our country.. :( That was so bad.. Below is my email i get from them..
How ever it will not make me feel sad or down to being new internet marketier in Malaysia.. :)

Dear Shahkhairul Nizam,

Thank you for your interest in the AzoogleAds network! Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new candidates from this country.

In the event we move forward with future international business a member of the Publisher Support Team will contact you directly.

Please feel free to address any additional questions by contacting us at 1-866-891-0300 option 3, or via email at


AzoogleAds Publisher Support