Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Money Online | 2 step make RM 100 a day

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all.

I'm really busy lately because I had to manage all my offline work. How ever, for those really want to get fresh info can go to my blog in Malay at

I tried to updated this blog at least a week with one post. Really had busy time to finalize my job and need some space to spend to make money online.

How ever I will share simple way to make RM 100 in a month. Really want to know about it..?

What ever u want to make money u need to start thinking of money.. $$$$$ Kching..Kching..

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With this item sharing, just sign up the affiliate program held by the admin. Sign Up it for FREE.. Then, what's the job u need to do.

1st step :-

Sharing with friend of the item you had join. Talk to them the best of product u had found from Internet.

2nd Step :-

Share it with people surrounding u, then tell them what can the product can give the benefit.

Totally it's all about make a advertise. Even u put at somebody blog where related with their niche. So, make sure the niches of place u want to put advertise make its more reliable and can give back u'r money back faster and sooner.