Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Think Like A Billionaire!!!

Assallammualaikum and Hi,

Firstly, i want to share i just get my public bank debit card. So, i can verified my Paypal acc. :-) Even do its was late, but its was my first step to get successfully in my Internet Business. So, if we done start our first step, so we can get more to start successful.So, my Paypal more step to reach in verified user..

What i want to share is, i just borrowed a book from library at my office, the book written by Billionaires who start the Apprentice!Mr. Donald J. Trump! :-) Actually i dint yet finish done read the book. But, in the starting of book its make me really excited to know what will I get after next sheet.. :-)

After read few of the sheet from his book, he start with want us to start think like Billionaires!!For sure if we done think like they we cant get achieve the target right?!!

It's was really exciting when i start read about his book.. He make me to learn something done realize something maybe we think its simple but in cant make we achieve our target..!!

For sure all of us done trust if Mr.Donald J.Trump said he never ever used ATM card in his life?!! But its really for sure he doesn't no how to use it..?!! Its make he know how to control his money..

Other things different from us is he just sleep only 4 hours per day.. He sleep on 1 a.m then hes week up at 5 a.m..What?!! Just 4 hours sleep?!!

So, if we want to start to achive our target to be a Billionaires we need to start this few step today!! I will share more of it after i done read. I will share its on my next blog.. So, stay tune.. :-)

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