Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Yeargh!!!!! Around 6 hour we will be in New Year!! 2008!!! Will come.. Are we still in our live?!! Or have change living style?!! :-) What over if u want to make u life change.. Start right now!! Done start next month.. Or u will leave behind..I also didn't want to been leave behind.. So what should we do?what u need to do is.. Start your engine... :-) Not to go honeymoon or holiday.. But start to get u financial freedom.. For sure u still done know right?!!Here some tips how?!!
1) What is Ur creativity's?!!What is u have people dint have?!!
2) What is your work now?!!
3) What is your hobby?!!
4) What is your item u can sell if u dint want anymore?!!

Sure u can spent some time's to think about it? Right?!!!

My Share..

Yesterday was holiday time right? :-) I spent my time with my wife watching BEE Movie-DVD.. I borrow from my friend.. The story if we see in other way, beside the funny of story.. See the bee dint start his work. He been bore even do he not yet start working as take honey process.. :-) What i want to share with all of u is.. If we want to produce extra money, we need to do other work.. If we make the routine work we will not provide extra money.. Understand what i mean?!! So, what i want to share with all is, we all in I.T technology if we done use it right now we will not get any extra money.. So, what make we still in other way?!!
1) Worry because don't know what to do & start.. Right?!!
2) Worried to spend more money if done new work.. But, u no need to spent money.. Just start just like me.. Use the if we done want to spane money.. Share with friend what we like and we know..

Friday, December 28, 2007

If We Dont Work We Have No MONEY?!!

For sure we still need to work to get the MONEY. Right?!! Some of use go to work early in morning.. Maybe to work place to far from house, working in shift, and may other reason.. So if we doing something than our routine job, for sure we will get extra MONEY right?! So want i want to share with all is make some EXTRA INCOME!! For so sure many said, we done have time, we have no Extra Money!!! So how i want to help u to make extra money?!! Done worry because it's many way to make money especially by Internet..!!! How all of u find out my blog if u done have Internet connection..?!! :-)
1- Be as affiliate..If done have money and item to sell..
2- Sell u item done want anymore at Lelong and Ebay..
Just this 2 way for right now.. By the way i want to share with all of u free ebook how u can make money online.. :-) To download Click Here.
OKs just for now.. See U again later..

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today is my really cheerful day... For sure all of u want to know right? :-) Even do i not sure how many people is reading my blog, i got 1 comment from reader is alert about my father. Thanks to ALI, actually i already give my father eat the supplements name of Apricots.. By b-17 company.. I bought from the seller, at my mom hometown.. :-) My father getting better.. Yesterday he can go out from the Hospital at PPUM. Thanks for people may concern about my father sickness. OK, its now to share with all my readers...... Today just right now I got new ebook.. Even do its free.. In Bahasa Melayu.. Its really good for newbie.. Its also good for me nether.. :-).. Right here Click

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad Story And Good Story...

Hai all my readers.. If i get someone.. :-) However i want to share with all.. My Good news for sure.. I already being DAD!!!!! That for the good news.. But in bad news.. My father had to cut his finger at his leg because his got injury at his leg and his diabetics not so good... :-( I'm really sad.. But right now, after the operation his going ok.. Hopefully he will be ok soon..

Ok back to my sharing info how we can make our advertising of product..

3) Give them solution why the must buy the product from u not from others.. Give the way if problem has come.. Not the way to prevent.. For exp. did u want to buy a book how to cook otherwise u dont have much time to cook?!

That's for now.. What i want to share is want i get free from others.. If we share,we will get more is it?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rm 4,000 In 10 minute....

I'm sure many people will interested the head of my title... Actually i also will read if i read the header of title like that.. What did i mean about that i want to share with my reader of blog the best title of advertising.. I want to share because i get the secret from the people have making so much money from internet.. I get so much info from the blog of them... I also realize there a no simple to make money online... So, go back to our topic.. :-)
1) Give the info of you product, not the story of the product.. Still don't know? Give the benefit of your product. Still don't know? Ok.. Give reason why people must buy the product from u..
2) Done use the font different from other.. That mean, what will u seen different right here..
I need.. I need..So u can see the different right.. Use the size 8 or 12 size font..
Ok i will continue the info next day.. Because tomorrow is Hari Raya AidilAdha.. I want to wish all Islam people.. Enjoy the hari raya.. I also be off day about 3 days.. :-)

Before i end my blog.. I want to share with all my blog reader.. This vid..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My True Story..

Hai... Today over 3 day i done write in my blog.. For sure many people still done realize about my blog... It's never mind.. Coz this way I can write what I want.. :-).. Sunday, I send my dad to hospital PPUM, coz he got injury in his foot.. Because he got diabetic he been hold in wad.. Yesterday, Monday the injury of his foot has been clean up.. Today, this morning.. My mom call from hospital said his nail need to cut off.. Hmm... This not the best news i heard from my mom.. Just that for right now.. See U all letter.. How ever i want to share with all of u.. This video.. Enjoy it..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Peaceful Earth!!

Hi Malaysian,reader of my new blog.. Actually i want to share my story in Malaysia with all of readers.. My life in Malaysia actually not to rich also not to poor.. :-) For sure many of friend from malaysia also agree with me.. Coz we live in peace place in the world.. Not like other place, like at Palestine,Islamabad, and more other place in world..Hopefully all readers can leave u comment in my first blog.. I will post other topic next time..I really love being born in Malaysia.. But some of use forget about the peaceful we get in Malaysia...Look at this youtube video i get from other member of youtube.. All of us will being glad be Malaysian!!