Monday, June 9, 2008

3 Things You Must Do If You Want To Create Sales Pages, Mini

Hi all my readers.. I'm So, sorry because its was long time I'm not updates my blog because had a job need to done!! Hope keep stay in this blog to get more info.

Almost everyone I have known since getting on-line five years ago has a driven ambition to design their own web site or sales pages for some project of theirs. Yours is a special design or article that makes it tough to design everyday web-pages for it seems.But Thur the years what I call "html" blues has stopped more than one project to fold. The endless 'TESTING' to make sure everything works as designed has caused more than one to turn away from a profitable career on-line. This program is designed to create perfect code EVERY TIME. All you have to do is copy and paste to your page or site for publication. I really wish I had this when I first started out a 'newbie' I would have had more hair now!!!

1. Hire a professional, do a lot of study time, or use a program like mine to eliminate the "html" blues caused by the trial and error method that takes forever to get right for instant set-up and use.Unless you are computer literate, html trained, the strain of completing the trial and error method will cause you to pull your hair out! Plus if you have to 'hire' the work done by a 'professional' you are never really sure it only has what you want programed to work in your space.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan, and just paste and copy!
With your own copy of Instant Site Maker you can 'experiment' with all the ideas you have in mind and select the ones that work best for you. With my program on your desktop it will be easy to fill in your facts and paste and copy the correct code to your web-site or page!

3. No experience needed to have PERFECT CODED pages and site information in under two minutes!
The program offers a step by step process that takes all the guess work from preparing your information in the correct format.PLUS you will have RESELL RIGHTS to make an additional stream of income from family and friends who do want to hire someone else to solve their html blues, YOU!!