Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Simple Ways To Save A Bunch Of Money When Buying A New Computer!

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It's being a long time i'm not updated my blog. I hope after this I had a time to updated this blog with info for us..

Right now they a many way we can buy our item using internet. Today just want to share simple 3 Simple Ways To Save A Bunch Of Money When Buying A New Computer!

Here was some question play in our mind when we want to buy a new computer.

Overwhelmed by all of the options available to you?

Stressed by the high cost of computers today?

For most people, buying a new computer does not have to be as stressful as buying a new car. Nor does it have to be as expensive. If you’re like most people, and you have a limited budget for buying a computer, then you need to try to get as much computer for your money as possible.

Here are 3 simple ways anyone can save money when buying a new computer:

1) Shop around for best deal.

Sounds pretty obvious. But many people don’t realize they don’t need the fastest, most expensive computer with the most “extras”.

In fact, if you are already using an older computer, even the least expensive new computer will be a big upgrade.

If you don’t know a lot about computers, you can learn a lot by shopping around. Ask lots of questions, compare prices, compare features, then find the best price.

Shop at your local electronics store, and look for the best deals online. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save by shopping around!

For Malaysian, I suggested to buy at PICOM PC Fair. At there we can buy the high end product and get the latest product with the BEST PRICE!!

2) Install your own “extras”

Many computers you will find in a store have a lot of extra software already installed. While this is convenient, it is not always the best way for you to save money.

Also, while many of these extras sound good, you don’t always need them. You can often find better deals by shopping around separately for your own software extras (such as a word processor, anti-virus, pop-up blocker, spy ware removal, games, etc).

And some of these you can get for free. So before you buy the “fully loaded” computer, ask yourself if you really need all the extras, then shop around to see if you can buy a scaled down computer - and get the extras yourself for much less!

3) Don’t buy extended warranty

If you are not a computer “techie”, the extended warranties offered by the computer retailers often sound like a good idea.

After all, who wants to be bothered paying for service on a computer after you buy it. But keep in mind that most computers come with a warranty, and most computer problems will either happen at the beginning (when you still have the warranty in effect) or much later (when it might be cheaper to buy a new computer).

Technology changes very quickly these days. So consider whether or not it’s worth the inflated price of the extended warranty. And, if you really feel you need the extended warranty, then ask to purchase it at a lower price.

Not all retailers will negotiate on the warranty, but some will. And whether you buy the extended warranty or not, make sure you back up all your files periodically, just in case!

If you have an unlimited budget, consider yourself lucky. And if you do business on the computer, make sure you get what you need, while trying to keep the price down. At any price, buying something that does not fit your needs is not a good deal.

Hope you find these tips helpful, and happy computer shopping! Some sharing with all place we can find best price item also, | |

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Survey Give Us Money

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all member.

Firstly,I want to share to get extra money using Survey. Its open to all Malaysian.

For those who really like to earn money for simple way can just Sign Up Here For Free

Its was a big community young people stay. For those want to promote their item also can think about it to adv. with

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Today, I feel so lonely because my wife and my son are at home town. I had to go to 'Kursus' for 3 week. Its make me feel sad. Because my son only 3 month I had to leave him with his mother with grandfather and granmother ant home town.

I want to share with all my baby slide show. Hope all enjoy it.

It being A long Time| Internet Business

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all readers.

First of all, i'm so sorry coz not had a good time management to updated blog at here. Coz i had more to get focus in my own domain at, how ever I will try to share a internet marketing info here.

First of all, their a more people realize about to make money online. There are more people to start make money online. Its was a good info here. But!! Are they know about spam and people who will try to cheat them about 'Eay TO multiple Your Income Using Internet without selling product'.

There a no such thing su*ks like that! I also want to get easy money if it really we don't have to do nothing to get Million dollar!!

So, to make sure u a not to being cheat and want to keep your money n invet it to the right place. Better to start it at forum. Ask from them people who already know about the spam people to stole our money.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Increse Your Income

Assalamualaikum and peaceful salutation.

In fact, I still blocked to write what. Because tetiba unhealthy.. Came back from Trolak, Perak yesterday after photograph programme. Reach jer Putrajaya's kat, just in time la purchase kat dish shop. Reach last minute..

I try share was also what I make to gain opinion internet. Many and I own prospect to increase impact income from increase in price of goods.

I try share was also what I make to gain opinion internet. Many and I own prospect to increase impact income from increase in price of goods increased further extreme to market. For those them who work a, wife become housewife 'full time'..

Whatever good beginning to them still scavenge to increase income. Can start adding income with your interest. Yes! If your interest photograph,sell him by online.

For those have goods do not want wear more, can sell in ebay or lelong. At least you get money even if slightly from not receive any.

Still blocked?I suggest you visit forum column. Among space forum give knowledge me back “Wang Cyber”. Whatever, to those being new abundant knowledge that can we gain there.

That ' all some knowledge who can me share with all. Hope it can help open mind even if not much.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Majalah IM Free Produk From Team Flarebiz

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all.

Today just want to share with others about a free product! Its made by teamflarebiz.

Taken from Steven Jobs at Stanford University :-

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Not to say so long. Here some future of this free ebook for us.

1. Interview with Kidino - Internet Marketer Malaysia | International Marketier

2. Cara Tangani Kenaikan Kos Kehidupan oleh Taziln Ibrahim

3. Pemasaran Internet Melalui Hadiah Percuma oleh Zamri Nanyan

4. Viral List Building Series oleh Kidino

5. Gagal Kuasai Ilmu Baru - Jadi Usahawan Yang Gagal oleh Osman Affan

…and much more!

>> Clik here to download <<

I just download it. Will read it A.S.A.P.. Thanks bro labanon and team MajalahIm

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where I Go | Latest News Passive Income

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Its been long time i'm not updated my blog here. Why? It's because I'm focus in my others blog with own domain.

How ever I will try to give the best way to updated this blog.

What u did to get passive income? Many out there had make a lot of money with this. When will u get? :)

Here a some sharing from me to all of u.

1- Joining Ads.

What did I mean is, put ads at your blog. There a many company provide we can joining them most of popular is Adsense , Bidvister , Widgetbucks and much more.

2- Joining Affiliate

There a many company and personal people to get us joining them to sell their product. Some of it give us 2nd tier which we can get more not only by selling. Dr. Irfan Khairi Mentor

3- Sell your photo stock.

For person who like to take some photo can share and sell it for others around world.. Here some company provide us to sell our photo.
i- Dreamstime
ii- Fotolia
iii- Picable

Hope some simple things from me can help all of u to make some money from internet. Good luck..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cheapest Item!!Win-Win Situation.

Assalamualaikum and Hi all my readers. It being a long time i not updated this blog. I hope it will not be to long to updated this blog.

Today I want to share with all my readers with the best product I had. All of this product make us to start make money online. So, what prize u had to pay me? Its just cheapest even when u need to buy a food for u girlfriends. :)

First of all i will show the product I want to share with all of u.

1- Dominate The Web 2.0 Market - $37

2- Developing A Niche : What Does It Take - $ 17

3- Dynamic And Influential Copywriting - $ 17
4- Craigslist Marketer Pro - $ 27

5- Blogcasting - $ 37
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Monday, June 9, 2008

3 Things You Must Do If You Want To Create Sales Pages, Mini

Hi all my readers.. I'm So, sorry because its was long time I'm not updates my blog because had a job need to done!! Hope keep stay in this blog to get more info.

Almost everyone I have known since getting on-line five years ago has a driven ambition to design their own web site or sales pages for some project of theirs. Yours is a special design or article that makes it tough to design everyday web-pages for it seems.But Thur the years what I call "html" blues has stopped more than one project to fold. The endless 'TESTING' to make sure everything works as designed has caused more than one to turn away from a profitable career on-line. This program is designed to create perfect code EVERY TIME. All you have to do is copy and paste to your page or site for publication. I really wish I had this when I first started out a 'newbie' I would have had more hair now!!!

1. Hire a professional, do a lot of study time, or use a program like mine to eliminate the "html" blues caused by the trial and error method that takes forever to get right for instant set-up and use.Unless you are computer literate, html trained, the strain of completing the trial and error method will cause you to pull your hair out! Plus if you have to 'hire' the work done by a 'professional' you are never really sure it only has what you want programed to work in your space.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan, and just paste and copy!
With your own copy of Instant Site Maker you can 'experiment' with all the ideas you have in mind and select the ones that work best for you. With my program on your desktop it will be easy to fill in your facts and paste and copy the correct code to your web-site or page!

3. No experience needed to have PERFECT CODED pages and site information in under two minutes!
The program offers a step by step process that takes all the guess work from preparing your information in the correct format.PLUS you will have RESELL RIGHTS to make an additional stream of income from family and friends who do want to hire someone else to solve their html blues, YOU!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 Common Mistakes Every Online Business Owner Should Avoid

Starting an online business is probably one of the simplest things to do. You make the decision that you want to make some money on the internet. You join a few free affiliate programs, maybe a couple of free mlm programs and if youre really into it, you get your own domain name and web site.

So far your business expenses are peanuts and you can close shop anytime without any regrets. You dont have a vested interest in your business due to the lack of a financial commitment. Thats how about 80% of the so called online business owners operate. No concept, no plan and no future.

Then theres another group of online business owners who are all fired up about their new Endeavour and nothing can stop them. They do everything theyve been told by whom ever they listen to and they also spend a considerably amount of money to get their business going. Theres really nothing wrong with this other than that they are too eager and too motivated to get their business off the ground. Unfortunately most of them will quite after a few months. Unfortunately this is mostly due to avoidable mistakes.

The third and smallest group are the folks who actually made it. Well, let me define made it for a moment. I call a business a success if you can make a profit after you paid all the expenses and I mean all the expenses. Now you can argue if it is worthwhile to put in so much work for not much in return. This is a call that every one of you has to make on your own.

I purposely left out the group with the guys who are making more money a day than most of us make in a year. First, it is completely unrealistic to assume that you actually will achieve the same results as the big ones with the limited resources you have. Second, these guys may have started as a one man show, but today they are a corporation with many employees like every other company doing big business on the internet.

Back to the 3 groups I mentioned before. Group #1, the no concept, no plan, no future group, is not even worth mentioning. They are just a waste of time. Group #3, the guys who made it, is out o reach at the moment. The fact that youre reading this article puts you into the group #2 category. Youre eager to build your business and youre determined to make it happen. I hope by pointing out the pitfalls you will actually avoid the mistakes I made and it will bring you a step closer to your ultimate goal. Be your own boss.

Heres a list of common mistakes every startup online business should avoid.

1. Not Having a Plan

Set yourself a goal on where you want to be in 12 months after starting your online business. Without a plan, even the simplest plan, your ambitions are poised to fail.

2. Not Having Your Own Web Site

Get your own domain name and web site. There are many marketers who want you to believe that you can make lots of money without having your own web site. Make a professional staement and get your own domain name and web site.

3. Too Many Activities to Manage

Pick your affiliate and mlm programs wisely. Most newcomers fail due to the lack of focus. Too many programs will not increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Focus on the most effective programs and stick with it. You will be rewarded in the long run.

4. Spending Too Much Money Too Quickly

Spending your hard earned money on advertising can quickly turn into an addiction. Meaning that you fall for the myth that the more you spend on advertising the more money you make. Wrong. You could spend all the money in the world on the wrong marketing strategy and still not making a profit. This will happen to you with all the pay-per-click search engines. Theres a reason why Google is skyrocketing at the stock market. There are too many advertisers spending too much money on pay-per-click and are not realizing that the only winner is Google themselves. The only thing that will stop this behavior is you either run out of money or your credit card is maxed out. My advice, pay-per-click is the last part of a well planned marketing strategy. There are much more effective advertising vehicles available than pay-per-click.

5. Dont SPAM

This is single most reason why startup online businesses get in trouble and actually have to close and start all over again. If you have a newsletter or some other information you want to distribute via email. Only use verified email addresses, typically double opt-in email addresses that you collected. Stay away from any brokers who want to sell you huge lists of emails for pennies. This is the surefire way to get into trouble and out o business. My advice, slowly grow your email list with verified addresses only. These people actually want to hear from you and are more likely to buy from you.

Unfortunately I didnt have this information when I started my online business and I paid for making these mistakes. Dont do what I did, do what Im telling you to do. Sounds familiar? Well in this case it is just a recap of my experiences and hopefully you get some use out of this.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Being a hooker is summing I love- Sufiah Yusof "Shilpha Lee"

MATHS genius turned hooker Sufiah Yusof reveals how she drives men wild... by reciting EQUATIONS to her clients as they have sex.

And the Asian beauty defiantly claims that selling her body for up to £1,000 a time provides her with a far more glamorous life than she ever dreamt of when she went to Oxford University aged just 13.

"My clients love the fact that I can stimulate their minds AND their bodies," she boasts in a shockingly frank interview with the News of the World.

"And I don't believe my education has been wasted—in fact I usually take problem sheets with me to solve before appointments."


Sufiah decided to CONFESS ALL after we revealed how the former child prodigy was working as a £130-an-hour prostitute while studying for a masters in economics.

It is the latest heartbreaking twist to a life that seemed so full of promise—but went tragically wrong when she cracked under the pressure of her bullying father's cruel academic regime and fled university at 15.

Eight years on, he is now in jail for sexually assaulting two girl pupils and Sufiah has somehow convinced herself that her seedy new career is the answer to all her problems.

"People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it like that," she says. "I've always had a high sex drive—and now I'm getting all the sex I want—and guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend.

"I have men who are thrilled about my passion for mathematics. In fact one made me recite equations while he pleasured me, then I gave him oral sex while he chatted about algebra. It drove him wild."

And brainbox Sufiah has worked out that subtracting your respectability to become a prostitute can equal big money.


"I have a nice life and I am in control," she says. "I hate this stereotype society has of escorts being exploited. It is so far from the truth.

"My clients treat me like a princess. One guy I see in London took me shopping on Bond Street. He bought me a beautiful black Gucci dress for £700 and then took me to Selfridges and told me to pick any handbag I liked."

She chose a £600 Gucci clutch. "I'm a Primark and Topshop girl normally! I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

"Later that night we went for dinner. I wore my Gucci dress and sexy lingerie and took great pleasure in peeling it off for him later on back at his hotel."

Sufiah was working as an administrative assistant earning £ 16,000 a year in Manchester when an escort agency boss approached her in a bar four months ago. She'd run up debts of £3,500 in rent arrears and credit cards.

And she was still haunted by her hellish childhood—subjected to her father Farooq's Accelerated Learning Technique where she studied maths day in day out in rooms kept freezing cold to improve her concentration.

So the big rewards the agency boss promised seemed more than tempting. "I have studied so intensely for so many years I wanted to have fun," she says.

She can't see the sordid side of prostitution—and instead likens herself to Belle De Jour—the saucy hooker played by Billie Piper in the TV drama.

"I'd read Belle De Jour's Diary of a London Call Girl and was fascinated," she said. "When this immaculate lady in a designer suit asked if I had ever considered escorting, I found it appealing.

"I went home, researched agencies on the internet and found one I thought looked professional. I sent them photographs and they put me on their site." A couple of days later Sufiah was offered her first client. She recalls: "I felt quite nervous but excited too. I slipped on some black lace underwear and stockings and suspenders and a dress, and just though, ‘Wow, this is thrilling.'

"He was waiting for me at the bar of the Hilton. I expected him to be older but when I saw him he was lovely.

"He was only in his late 20s, tall and handsome. I thought, ‘I can't believe I'm getting paid to have sex with this man.'

"I'd have been thrilled if he chatted me up in a bar. We had a drink then went upstairs to his room and had fantastic sex. I left that night feeling totally elated having had an amazing time with £250 in my purse." Since then, she has built up a base of regular rich clients and sees between five and ten men each week. Her sugar daddies have treated her to fabulous clothes, designer bags, trips on yachts and even helicopter rides.

Sufiah, whose interview can be seen on video at, brags that she can earn more than £1,000 in a night by having diner with a client and staying over. "It's like they want to rescue me. One man asked me how much I earned a year. I said £60,000. He told me, ‘I'll pay that amount straight into your bank and buy you a flat and you can be my mistress.'

"But I don't want that because I'm happy doing what I do. Now I wonder if I could go back to a normal relationship, where you watch EastEnders and have boring sex. I've got used to being treated like a princess."

It is as if she has run away from reality—just as she ran away from university and her father's dominance at 15.

Sufiah becomes solemn and subdued when she talks of her upbringing. "As I grew older I began to clash with my father," she says. "He was violent on occasions. Because he pushed me so far academically, I became more confident for a girl of my age. I grew up too quickly.

"From 11, I was studying maths all the time. I didn't have any friends. I wasn't in the Brownies. My father said they didn't teach Muslim values. I hardly ever played with other children."

She passed her maths A level aged 12 and started at St Hilda's College, Oxford. "It was an amazing place but I was too young. By the time I was 15 I wanted to be in control of my life. I fought back."

Sufiah sparked a two week nationwide police hunt when she ran away instead of going home at the end of term, saying she'd "had enough of 15 years of physical and emotional abuse". Her father claimed she had been kidnapped and brainwashed by members of a socialist organisation.

But now, speaking about it for the first time, Sufiah says: "I couldn't bear the thought of going home so I ran away. I'd saved up £200 and found a hostel in London for £14 per night. After a week I moved to a hostel in Bournemouth. I knew I could survive on my own."

When she was found in an internet cafe, Sufiah refused to go home and was placed in foster care by Bournemouth social services. She says: "I stayed with two families who were very good to me. My mum and dad would call me and ask me to go home—but I didn't want to."


Her 50-year-old father is now in jail for 18 months after being convicted of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls he taught at his home in Coventry.

When Sufiah reached 18 she returned to Oxford to continue her studies—and fell in love with fellow student Jonathan Marshall. They married a year later but it barely lasted a year.

"At the time I thought we would be together forever, but we married too young and grew apart," she says.

After the split she moved back to London where she taught maths in the evenings to make ends meet. Then six months ago she moved to Manchester—and stumbled across her new career. "I'm still only young and I can't decide what I want to do," she says. "My escort work provides me with a fabulous life.

"I still enjoy learning and I find it puts me in the right frame of mind for an intelligent conversation with my clients." But she admits not all her sexual encounters work out. "At the end of the day you don't have to sleep with a client if you don't want to. I've done that twice now. Both men were young and very nervous. I just left.

"The dullest client I've ever had was a rich man who talked about cars all night. It was really, really boring."

Sufiah is well aware she could easily find a job in the City where she could match her £60,000 a year sex earnings.

But she said: "I don't want to take anything away from people who do jobs like that but it's not for me. I have a nice life. I don't want for anything."

Her mother Halimahton is now divorcing jailed Farooq and is desperate for her daughter to get in touch with her. "I was shaking when I found out what had become of her," she says.

But talking about her bitter split with her parents, Sufiah says: "I would describe our relationship as estranged.

"I have contact with them occasionally but I couldn't speculate on what they will make of my new life.

"I don't have any regrets. I've never felt more confident about my body and I've had some of the best sex of my life."

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Can U Read This?

tihs is itnresineg, gvie yuosrlef a tyr.

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too.
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe can.

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.
the phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.

The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Taken From : Centrinads

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sufiah "Shilpha Lee" Yusof Genius Math - Fail In The

Why this could happen? Its really make our really embarrassed with what had happen to this girl..
This girl had a great intelligent brain in math, just in 10 years old.

Girl Being Rape by his own father

Dajjal Father

Married just stay in 1 years only..

It just happen because she want to life and get paid to stay on the flat she live. So, what will happen to others who really need help from us?

Want Make Money With Lelong Contest?

Assallammualaikum and Hi all readers,

Today just want to share with all about contest being held by The contest begin in 26/03/2008 - 22/04/2008.

We just make 3 simple step to win the contest.. All of u can Click Here To see the contest and terms..

Hope all can participant and win.. Hope i will win too.. :p :)

Thats all for today info..

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Basics of Making Money with Blogs And AdSense

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) program in the industry today. By enrolling your site under the said program, AdSense will display a series of ads on your pages. You stand to earn every time a visitor of your clicks on these ads.They don’t have to buy anything, mind you. They just have to click on the ads and nothing more. These ads are by no means random. They are contextually relevant, meaning, they are assigned based on their relevancy to the subject of your site.Could a blog substitute for regular sites when it comes to making money through AdSense? Yes people, blogs can also be provide an additional income stream through AdSense! In some aspects, a blog is a more efficient tool for this purpose.There are people online today making six figures per month from Adsense alone. Unbelievable but true!There are three determinative factors for the success of a site enrolled under the AdSense program.
1. The Cost Per Click (CPC) that is carried by the ads assigned to your site.
2. The number of page impressions, or simply put, the amount of traffic that passes through your site. If you garner a lot of page impressions, you have a better chance of acquiring a lot of clicks.
3. The Click Through Rate (CTR), which is the number of clicks your ads get per the number of visitors that visit your pages. The higher your CTR, the more you stand to earn.CPCs are a given. If you’re dead set on a subject for your blog, then you will just be attracting a certain group of ads. But if you wish to make a blog for the primary goal of making money online, then you have to choose the right keywords before everything else.Basically, your blog will be assigned certain ads based on the keywords prevalent in its entries. There are some keywords that will attract ads that pay high, and there are those that will attract ads that pay low. The trick is in finding the high paying keywords around which you will create your blog.Here are some tips that will help you find those keywords with relative ease:* Create an account at . Adwords, of course, is the advertising partner of AdSense. When you become a member, you could take a peek at how much the going rates are for certain keywords.* Visit . This is one of the very few sites that give information about high paying keywords for free. It would rather be kept a secret by those who discovered it, so keep it quiet ;-).The number of your page impressions really depends on the traffic that you can generate for your blog. Blogs would have an easier time with this because, as we’ve previously discussed in past lessons, search engines love them. But of course, this is not set in stone. If your competitors, for example, are also using the blogging strategy, then you’re all in equal footing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get $2 Just Post About Centrinad At Your Blog

Hi all reader...

Want to get extra money.. You just had joining and give a comment to blog and will get $0.60 per post comment. So, its was really easy for use to double income in our Paypal account..

i just hope this was not another fraud. I hope they had enough fund to paid us.. I just register and not yet had any payment..The withdraw is $10. So, i hope i can make it and make another income. I hope so..

This was the site u can earn from them.. This was the site u can earn more by them.

So this my help u to get more money by them. See you there.. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Google's own AdSense Tips

Google is at least as interested as you are in having your ads perform well on your site. And they've gone to some work to provide the information you need to optimize your AdSense.

What's fascinating to me is that apparently not everyone bothers to read their tips. And even some that do, fail to apply it.

That said, you need to be aware that simply using their tips doesn't guarantee successful ads and decent CTR (Click Through Rate). How many times have you heard this? You have to test. You have to try alternatives and see what really works best for you, on your pages, with your content and your visitors. Test, test, test some more. Track your results, analyze them, try variations. Too many of us don't test. We hear the mantra, but we don't do the work.

First, let's see if we can get an idea about location. (The graphic is included in the article on my site or you can take a look at it at the Google link included below) Generally, above the fold, at the top center of your content, below top navigation is the hottest location. Not immediately below which is good but not quite as hot. In a left sidebar, to the immediate left of primary content or below the primary content are also good. Most other locations are generally cooler.

Again, you need to test and you need to consider your users behavior - and their behavior may vary on different pages with different kinds of content. Google suggests that in some cases, such as articles, the best location can be at the end of the article. To quote Google, "It's almost as if users finish reading and ask themselves, What can I do next?" Well targeted relevant ads right there can provide the answer.

Don't blindly assume that sticking a nice big rectangle in the center above the fold will do it. It may, but depending on your content, it may annoy or inconvenience your users.

Users tend to focus on content, navigation and to a lesser extent graphics. Positioning your ads near these elements will often work well -- if those ads are targeted to your visitors needs.

The top three performers among the Google ad formats are the 336X280 large rectangle, the 300X250 inline rectangle and the 160X600 wide skyscraper. Google reports that the wider formats tend to do better than the taller ones. One reason may be that these are, perhaps, easier to read since they have fewer line breaks and require less eye movement. But, you need to use formats that fit your pages well. Once again, you need to test, but redoing your pages to suit a particular ad format may not be a reasonable alternative and you may discover that a different format actually gets better results.

Now we come to color. Conventional wisdom says that colors which tend to blend into your content do better. Some go so far as to suggest that colors which make the ads look like part of the content are best. Personally, I think anybody really believes those ads are anything but ads, but who knows. Google suggests that you may find that colors that standout from your content do better - or maybe the opposite. This is absolutely an area where you need to test alternative color schemes. Going with the conventional wisdom usually works fairly well, but without testing you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Google allows you to have up to three ad units and one link unit on your pages. If you have long pages with lots of text, can only use small ad units or are in a niche with a large ad inventory, multiple units can pay off. Keep in mind that the way ad serving works is that the higher value ads are delivered to the first ad unit block encountered in your code. Always make sure that this first ad unit is displayed in the best location (yeah - test). You want the higher paying ads to be in the prime hot location on your page. Weaker locations can get the lower priced ads. And if none are available, then nothing will display unless you've included an alternate ad URL in your Google code. To maximize monetization you should be including alternate ad URLs, especially if you are putting multiple units on a page. The use of an alternate ad URL also eliminates the possibility of being served PSAs (Public Service Announcements). It's your real estate, maximize your returns.

Nothing here is secret. Except for using the alternate ad URL, all of this information is available from Google's Optimization Tips page - . You can buy books and courses, visit a dozen forums and, in the end it comes down to what your visitors do on your site. The best you can get is general guidance. This means averaged outcomes over many sites, many types of content. If you are serious about doing whatever you can to really optimize your AdSense returns, there is only one thing to do - test. Whether it's AdSense, opt-ins, copy, headlines - anything with a measurable outcome that you can track - then the way to improve is to test and keep on testing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Winning the (r) Google AdSense War

Some owners of content sites are earning four and even five-figure incomes per month selling "nothing." They're doing this by selling their targeted traffic to other websites through Google's AdSense program.

If you're not familiar with (r)AdSense, it's where (r)Google pays website owners ("publishers") to run ads on their sites. Google accepts paid ads from advertisers, and then shares this revenue with the publishers who allow these ads to be displayed on their sites. They pay based upon clicks generated from the publishers' sites.

Many publishers have discovered that running Google AdSense ads is more lucrative, and less trouble, than marketing their own products or services. So an entire industry has sprang up around monetizing websites using AdSense and other pay-per-click programs.

The "industry" is mature enough that seminars are even held that teach how to best monetize your content sites.

Since MOST people I've communicated with aren't earning four or five-figure incomes per month, let's examine how you increase your chances of earning these amounts.

First of all, your website has to be on a topic (a niche) where people are spending lots of money. There are niches where advertisers often spend $40 - $50 per click... just to get visitors to their websites. Obviously, these visitors buy "things" on these websites that make it worthwhile to pay that much for the traffic.

In case you're wondering what keywords any "sane" marketer would spend $50 on a single click for, read on...

Certain visitors to websites, that later convert to customers, could literally be worth thousands, even millions, to marketers. These marketers know the lifetime value of their visitors, and have the conversion rates calculated! Markets where customers can be this lucrative include legal/lawsuits, medical, higher education, real estate, new and used vehicles, investments, travel, and products offering residual income. There are many others.

I actually have a list of over 9000 keywords that I consult when building a new site, or optimizing an existing site. Doesn't it makes perfect sense to create sites that attract visitors with a high value-per-visitor?

There ARE higher priced keywords but you probably don't want to focus on them since the competition can be incredibly cutthroat. There are niches where your competitors will actually sabotage your efforts. Money does that to some people :-)

It makes economic sense to build a site around topics where people are actually spending money already.

It makes sense to target a market where people have money to spend - and they expect to spend it on products similar to yours. In that sense, you can even set up site designed to generate traffic for governmental agencies, foundations, charities, etc. It's all about getting in front of the traffic and then re-directing that traffic to those willing to pay for it.

When setting up content sites, it's important that you not violate the terms-of-service at the pay-per-click management firm that you plan on using. For example, Google actually tells you that you should not build sites just for their AdSense program. Yet, they need sites to display their customers' ads in order for their program to work.

It's a delicate balancing act. Google wants to deliver relevant clicks to their customers. They know that traffic coming from "junky" or "spammy" sites may not convert as well for their customers. This would lower their customers ROI, and lead to many unhappy customers. This would drive Google's customers to their ever-growing competitors.

Google wants webmasters that have quality, targeted traffic to run AdSense Ads. When you set up a free blog on Google's they even have the AdSense invitation "programmed" into the signup process.

So how DO you win the Google AdSense War and get your share of that multi-billion dollar advertisers' revenue stream? You build high-quality content sites that focus on niches where people are spending money. It's as simple as that. You let those already doing it teach you what works best - it's a easy as that!

Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Help Google Make up its Mind

As an AdSense sponsoring web site, your goal is to have contextually relevant ads displayed whenever a visitor comes to your site. That’s the goal, and it sounds simple enough, but sometimes it seems that Google is bent on not cooperating with you in the least.

If there are times when your web site is displaying apparently random ads which have no relevance to your site at all or worse, it’s displaying non-revenue Public Service Ads (PSA), then that’s a sign that you need to work harder to help Google make up its mind.

Google uses a pretty effective set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to sniff the content on your site so it can serve up the most relevant ads out of its extensive inventory. However, since no humans are involved in this process, it’s actually pretty easy to lead the poor spider down the wrong path.

It’s not enough to simply depend upon your site’s keywords to pull the right ads from Google; you have to pay attention to the context in which the key words are used as well or you could get some surprises.

For example, suppose that you have some text on your page that reads “I love Guns ‘N Roses”. There is a good chance that you will either end up with PSAs, because “Guns” is a known Google “stop” word that triggers PSAs, or ads from 1-800-Flowers thanks to the key word “Roses”. But if you modify your content slightly to have it read something like “I love the heavy metal and hard rock bands like Guns ‘N Roses”, then you should start pulling ads that match your site’s theme.

The words “heavy metal” and “hard rock” are called supporting keywords. Their job is to help define the context that the actual key word is being used in.

When the Google spiders are fed both supporting and actual key words they are better able to make the right decisions on your behalf.

The position of your key words also plays a part in pulling the right ads. Words that are closer to the top of the page have more “weight” than those that appear farther down. Tags are also important. H1 and H 2 tags have a higher precedence over P tags, and B tags are significant as well.

The key to getting the right ads to appear on your site is to fine-tune the supporting key words and tweak your tags until you are seeing what you want to see.

Once you reach that goal, you can read our article on Smart Ways to Attract Higher Paying AdSense Ads, and Tips for Maximizing Your Google AdSense Revenues for even better results.

Sometimes it seems that the Google spider is doing all it can to not get along with you. The next time you have that thought, stop to consider the possibility that the Google spider is having the same thoughts about you!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Google AdSense and Blogs

Hi all my support reader, hope all of u being in good condition.. Here sharing from me.

If you have a blog, or are thinking about starting a blog, then you are definitely going to want to read this article. It’s all about how to line your pockets with money that’s just waiting to be made without working much harder than you already are.

No only are blogs the hottest thing on the ‘net right now, but they are custom-made for Google’s AdSense program. Why? It’s simple. Blogs represent constantly changing and fresh content to Google’s search engine spiders. Feeding fresh content to those little spiders is just like tossing raw meat to a tiger. They just gobble it up. The more pages of your blog that get indexed, the more traffic you get. And the more traffic you get, the more exposure your AdSense ads get. Are you beginning to see where I’m heading here?

It’s not just Google that loves new content, all of the major engines do. In fact, some web-savvy bloggers are testing Google ads on one page and Overture ads on the other. It doesn’t take too long to see which ads are doing the best when you have nearly side-by-side comparison statistics to look at. Just don’t make the mistake of putting Google and Overture ads on the same page together. While they won’t kill each other like a pair of Siamese fighting fish in the same bowel will, you will be violating both sites’ Terms of Service, and it isn’t worth killing the goose (geese) that laid the golden egg.

It’s a snap to set up Google AdSense ads on your blog. Everything you need to know is right inside of the Google control panel. What’s not so easy is figuring out what ads are going to appear on each page. Since Google targets your key words, and your blog articles could possible wander towards any subject, you never know what you’re going to get.

Well, “never” is a strong word because there actually IS a way to pre-test your blog’s ads before you post your newest edition. Here’s what you do:

• Write your blog article like you normally would
• Plug in your AdSense code and then post your newest page to a sub directory that’s not part of your blog.
• Click refresh a few times until Google wakes up and starts sending ads.
• If you don’t like what you see then fine-tune the article until you see the types of ads that you’re looking for.

With some ads paying as much as $5 per click or more, I’d certainly spend an extra 30 minutes or so tweaking my blog. That’s for sure.

If you’re working hard to get your blog in front of visiting eyeballs, then it doesn’t make any sense at NOT to be using Google AdSense to draw every penny out of your site that’s possible. OK, that’s the end of the article. Now get busy tweaking your blog and checking your ads. You’ve got money waiting to be made!

Monday, March 17, 2008

How much revenue do you generate from Google Adsense?

How much revenue do you generate from Google Adsense?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about people who earn over $10,000 a month just from Adsense. Furthermore, there are rumors of a few individuals who earn over $1 million a year just from using the power of Google advertisements.

So what is Google Adsense and how can you use this program to earn a six-figure income?

About two years ago, Google created this program to help websites to monetize their web-traffic.

Here's how it works:

Webmasters obtain a special code from Google which then displays targeted ads on their website. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of these ads, the webmaster earns a commission. Unlike other online businesses, there is no selling involved. All you need to do is get people to click on the ads.

Although this is an excellent way to generate an income, many websites are not effectively maximizing their Adsense potential. As a result, they are leaving a lot of cash on the table.

The question is how can you increase your Adsense revenue without increasing the number of web visitors?

The key to earning an income with Google Adsense is to have your ads match the rest of the site, making them look like part of your content. Your focus is to avoid having the Adsense blocks look like blatant advertisements.

The following are six ways that you can do this and increase your revenue at the same time:

1) Find the right place- Most website visitors read content that is in the middle of a webpage. As a result, the best place to put your Adsense block is in the top part of the page, at the beginning of your web content. You want to weave the Google Ads into your web content to give the appearance that they are extra links which expand on the information of the page.

2) Use the Large Rectangle-With Google Adsense, you have the option of picking different ad formats. Most of the time people opt to use the Leaderboard (728x90) or Wide Skyscraper (160x600) style ads. Unfortunately, this is the wrong choice, because both look like blatant advertisements. Instead smart webmasters have found that using the Large Rectangle (336x280) yields the best amount of click-thrus.

3) Ditch the border- Many people experience a sharp increase in Adsense revenue when they changing their border. What they change is very simple…they get rid of the border on their Adsense blocks. This is another way to make the advertisements look like useful web content.

4) Adapt the font- Whenever you write content, it should be the same font size and style as your Google Adsense block. This will help make it appear that the advertisements are a natural part of your website.

5) Match the colors- In addition to changing the fonts, you also should match the colors of your website. For instance, if your content is written in black, and your hyperlinks are blue, then the Adsense blocks should also be the same color. Again, this helps the advertisements appear to be normal web content.

6) Don't have too many distractions- On a webpage, it is important to give web visitor a limited number of options. By having too many links and graphics, the web visitor might go to a section that doesn't help increase your profits. While it is important to inform and entertain your web visitor, it is also vital that you monetize your site. So if the main focus of your site is to earn an income through Google Adsense, then get rid of all non-essential links and graphics.

By taking the time to implement these six simple steps, you'll see a dramatic increase in the click-thru ratio of your ads. If added to all of the content of your site, your Adsense income will skyrocket!

Friday, March 14, 2008

3 Internet Home Based Businesses Anyone Can Do

If you’re serious about having a home based business, then you need to prepare. The leading reason for a failing home based business is the lack of preparation people commit after they’ve made a decision to start a home based business.

So what kind of home based business opportunity should you take on? Do you want to have an internet-based home business? Millions have done it, are doing it and are earning good livings doing so.

Here are three different kinds of Internet based business models you can try:

1) Be an online retailer for reputable companies. Your home based internet business can give reviews about all the products and services of these companies. Your customers will browse around your website, and then click on to the link. The link will send the customer to the company’s customer service website, which takes care of processing and shipping their order.

Your home based online business website does the marketing, promoting and advertising aspects for these companies. Your commission comes from the proceeds of the sale. You don’t even have to spend money for expensive e-commerce software.

2) You may not be able to bear the pain of separating from your oldest possessions, but how about auctioning these things off? For a minimal entry fee and closing fee, you can put your prized possessions on auction at Ebay or other spin-offs found on the net. This is a virtually free home based business since you don’t pay for web presence. You’ll get traffic since Ebay receives as many as 4 million visitors a day, and you won’t need to worry about your e-commerce software. Plus your small home based internet business stays open even when you go fishing!

3) Sell information. You can start your home based internet business by writing on a subject that you enjoy or are knowledgeable about. If you can do this, then this small home based internet business is for you. Write your e-book and sell it on sites like,,, or

These home based internet business are all simple and easy enough to do. You can earn a living on these ideas if you view this small home based business with passion and commitment.

Just remember these home based internet tip:
Constantly fine-tune your marketing strategy and always test new ad copies to see what brings you the most sales!

Get $25 End 21/3/2008

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Share Foto From Santubong

Face Of Puteri Santubong

Me at Santubong Resort.. :)

Make Your Own Style

Assalammualaikum and Hi all..

Just now I done read of others blog about your own style.. What did i mean of 'own style'? For sure many among really excited to being Internet marketer.. :) Many now start with using blog.. Right?

For me also, I also new in this arena.. To much things i need to learn.. So, what I want to share is.. All people in this world had their own still in writing or doing others else things.. So, if we want to be the good blogger we had to place the post of our own idea.. Not copy from others then we just paste it on our blog..

For sure for the sort term we will get a new visitor.. But for long term.. :) So, think about it.. I also had done the same mistake.. So, its was a sharing hope the new in this arena will not follow my wrong step..

That's all for today.. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Team Work

Help each other was the good team work!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Manage Our Angry!!

Assalammualaikum and Hi..

Did u had make a decision when angry? Can u remind it back and think about it? Did u make a decision in right place? For sure u will make the decision with your heart feeling right?!! :)

Because i also had the same things,that's was what i want to share with all about the right decision in the cool situation. If we don't something job especially need the decision don't do it a bad mood,moody condition or in not good mood.

To make our dealing in our project make sure our mood will not take a part to make a decision.. If not all of our project will not being success..

To manage our angry my 3 step of suggestion :-

1) Take a deep breath.. Then smooth the breath slowly..
2) When u was stand up, better sit down in chair to make your angry cool down..
3) Wash face with water...

That's was simple way to manage your angry.. Because it will not make us go any ware..

Friday, March 7, 2008

Internet Make Life Easy

Today many people are using internet. For sure it make our live more easier right?! For me internet make us save more of our money.. Because we no need to rush to go from others bank's to others place.. Right?

So, with the technology of internet we also can buy something without we need to think about parking place, is it our car safe if park in some of place.. With the internet, much job are more easy to being done! With the technology of internet also, we can open a store with the small amount..
Why I said that? Because I had done my own business in this arena. :)

You can see at my own blog domain name..Click Here!!
For sure many from us know to duplicate our money now right?!! For sure many from us want to being free from debt and get easy way to go anywhere place in this world!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easy Way To Get Money In PayPal

Assallamualaikum and Hi all.
Sorry because to long I din't update my blog.. However hope u all will stay tune in my blog to get info and sharing with all. :)

I just get the way to get easy way to full money in your PayPal account.. Its also help you to being great affiliate marketier..

You earn $1 per subscriber you refer $0.50 on every 2nd tier subscriber Then in 3 weeks time when the "Affiliate X Factor" Coaching program launches you earn 50% recurring commissions paid via Clickbank.

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Hope all of us will get the easy way to earn money with this free ebook!! We will get easy way to get money in our account PayPal.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Many Internet Marketier

Right now, in Malaysia many of people realise about make money online business.. So, there a many choice from buyer or people who need a service from internet marketier in Malaysia..

But today I want to share with all what happen when i want to be a publisher with this company but they don't accept candidates from our country.. :( That was so bad.. Below is my email i get from them..
How ever it will not make me feel sad or down to being new internet marketier in Malaysia.. :)

Dear Shahkhairul Nizam,

Thank you for your interest in the AzoogleAds network! Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new candidates from this country.

In the event we move forward with future international business a member of the Publisher Support Team will contact you directly.

Please feel free to address any additional questions by contacting us at 1-866-891-0300 option 3, or via email at


AzoogleAds Publisher Support

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Stuf For Sell To Member..+ MRR

I want to make offer this for my readers of blog.. I want to share much info I get from others.. Because if the info not share, we will not grow our knowlage..
This we the ebook of you can expert on writing skill..
You will get MRR thats mean you can sell it back.. :)
This was on win-win situation..

Special Offer- $ 20
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Monday, February 18, 2008

The New PPC - Advanced AdWords Strategies - Part 3

Last and hope all of us can learn something about it..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

PPC ADVANCE Advanced AdWords Strategies - Part 1!

I get this from you tube.. Hope we can learn it together.. :)

Balance work and romance

How all of your balance work and romance..?!! For sure without of romance just a work.. Life had no meaning.. :) Yergh!! For sure.. I you just alone in this world.. What make u to work hard in this world!!
If we just spend all 24 hours Allah give to each person in this world just to work.. What will happen to our family, and person who we love.. :) If we just spend all of day to work without plan.. For sure time will not enough.... :)

Without a good plan of work for sure we will not enough time to spend to do a great job + good lovers.. :) So, how u want to balance you work + romance.. This some tips..

Work together in successful people.give a effort in long run.. ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Malaysia In Time To Change!!?

Malaysia want to change of what?!! Firstly,I want to appolegies about to many day's I don't up to date my blog.. Because of my work!!

I just want to share.. What will happen after a election..

1-What will happen to price of oil?

2- What happen to others things..

After the election,for sure all price will going up.. So, what will u do to protect your money and being increase of our money.. For sure we need to keep moving on life..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today i just want to share my master resell right+resell right with all.. You all can view at my own domain name.. What i do is only in LIMITED time.. So, if you don't want to miss it look at here...

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top Up Handphone

I just want to ask all of u. All of u top up your handphone at shop be a agent of company or online account?
Because for me, this business had a productivity high in any area of place.. SO, for sure all of u want to be like them just can earn money by sharing the market. Now u had a simple way to get money right?!! This was my sharing.. How u want to get the way to be like the shop? For sure u all don't want to had a stock with a huge first trial right? So, i recomment all of u with start with joining me as a group of Mymode.. All u all had to do is just explore this website mymode and anything problem u had to know can ym me at shahkhairulnizam[at] :)
If anything just leave a comment here or ym me.. :) Looking forward from all of u..

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sort Term Discount!!

Hurry!! Before its been close.. :) Past day 1 Feb. 08 Mr. Zamri Nanyan has lunch his Ebook for only Rm30 or usd $ 9.. So, what make u waiting for long time?!! I heard he will increase the pricer.. Tomorrow on 5.02.2008.. So, don't waste your time....
I also get mine today... :) So, you can get it here..... It's really excited because i don't to wasted my time to learn to grow my money in my account bank!! :)
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So, i will talk letter if i get it soon.. Below the banner of Mr. Zamri product..

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paypal Account

Paypal account was one of many e-currencies in internet.. What i want to share with all was, if we want to get others money transection, if our buyer from Malaysia we can just use other banks in Malaysia example Maybank or CIMB..

If our buyer or we provide a services, we can take payment by a Paypal.. So, if you want to make account with paypal you must verified you account using debit or credit card..

I already verified my account with my Public Bank Debit Card..I want to share with all my Paypal payment of this month.. Even my paypal had been create since 2006 but in 2008 my account been get in of money.. :) Its was my affort to get more money just sharing with others... :)

I really want to share with all my statement.. After I can solve the problem I will put my statement here.. So, stay tune.. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


What I mean with planing?!! For sure many from us dint planing to drop by to my blog in first time right?!! :)
Ok, that's not was actually my planing and sharing, just want share planing very impotent for us.. Many from us don't fail to planing,but fail to make a planing...

So, what should we do?!! Make a first step to make a planing.. :) That was a first step we should do.. After make a planing what should we do,make a details of planing to make a new project..

Details I make some example, if we planing go to vacation what should we prepay? For sure we plan to go where,how much our money,how many day our staying there, and where will sleep..

Thats what some of simple idea from me.. Hope U all can make a move to plan to be success in you life.. Stay tune Stay A Life... :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Simple Way To Getting $200 In A week..

Firstly I want to apologies coz my blog dint update around 5 day coz to many work in one time..
I just get back from Malacca,I had to attend a wedding of my cousin.. Here I want to share with all of u from what I get from Mr. Syed.. He's was I can said Otai at WangCyber Forum.

You really want to get extra earn with join the course with Mr. Syed.. You can Click Here
For right now I did not join yet.. For sure because dont get extra earn.. ;)

I want to share because Mr. Syed is was the Internet marketeer in Malaysia was been success in his carrier..So, what make u all to wait long time to get sharing from sifu.. :)
Come let get more lesson from this sifu, sharing with him what make he get a lot of money.. :)

So, stay tune with my blog.. Hope, I will learn and sharing with all new info,..

How To Impress Anyone In Business

Here some sharing tips for all..

1- Be on time... Punctuality is essential.

2-Do your work.

3-Make a mental dossier on people.

4- Remember people's name and small details about them

5- Be honest.

6- Let other people talk.

7- Be self-deprecating and disarming..

Some of the tips may be use in offline business.. The simple tips from me..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life To Short......

For sure we just being a wile in this world... Just right now my neighbour pass away, just in sleep. We also done no went we time is..Right? :) By the way we can prepay before we trough it..

What must we done?!!

1) Done being scared to trough dead..
2) Spent or make some saving to our account. The emergency acc.. :)
3) Make friend with money people..
4) Help others went they need help..

I think all of u can share others with just post some comment to my blog.. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost Money In Domain Name?!!

Hmm.. I'm really seed because my early of domain name had a problem yesterday.. All my post in the recent post has missing.. :(
So, I had to make new back.. Even do its never make me lost my spirit to share with all of u.. :)

So, what i want to share?!! First of all make sure all of among us want to get money from internet.. Right?! I want to share with all of u what i done to get some extra money.. :)

1) Join the Forum paid per post.. Done make the SPAM to the forum..Just in one post we want to make selling.. First of all make a friend with all members of forum.. Give first take later..

2) Paid per survey.

3) Sell a picture.

4) Sell info to others blog

5) Make own blog attach adsense to our blog or web.. :)

6) Join others from advertisement and publish at our web or blog.

Simple one cents sharing from me...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Talent That Given For Boys Only Years Old?!!

my friend at Japan.. So, what u are now.. Its Topic what i want to share is about 6 years old boys had a given talent by ALLAH, had a great playing piano. He, more look like expertize.. :) I got now about this boy talent is by my mail from doesn't matter.. If u still want to learn more u will get what u want.. Different people had different expertize.. So, like u and me.. Maybe, I got something expertize in making a donut.. But i don't know how to make chicken chop for example.. But u know how to make it.. U can see what is different u and me.. ;) Just simple sharing for today..

So, stay tune.. Stay Alive.. Come soon to look my others sharing.. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sharing Make Our Caring!!

Sharing make us caring.. For sure u need to know what was i mean.. I just finish read my others friend blog.. It make me really appreciate what meaning of sharing.. I want to share others blog of friend at Malaysia.. It make us know and learn from others.. This are the blog's..

1) Smartzul

2) SaifulSham

3) Smswang

4) Forum Komuniti

5) Mesra Internet

This was others site I spand my time to get some idea but not stealing from them.. Like copy from their site then paste to our page..

Ok, see u all next topic.. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

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What is a blog?

A typical blog serves as an online journal or diary where
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What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing is the use of a blog or blogs to produce
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a blog to market a product or merely as a means of
producing online income is cheaper than using a website, a
lot cheaper. This is mainly because of the availability of
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blog marketing has few barriers to entry, it is an
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How We Got Started With Blogs

For about as long as we can remember we've had a softspot
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It was our love of the green stuff that got us interested in blogs.

While everyone we knew was writing in a blog to tell the
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What is quality content?

Quality content is any content that does not exist anywhere
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If you can keep the Search Engines and your human readers
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dealing with own problem to manage money?!!

Assalammualaikum and Hi..

Firstly i want to share with all about the sadness about missing child of Sharline about a week.. Everyday in news story about this child will been the first in news.. How come this issue can be more worse..? We as Malaysian not have feel of neighborhood..

Back to the title, dealing with own problem manage money?!!
By the way, i want to share with all is, about my own manage money.. What is make this problem is, we done failed make planning but we failed to plan.

What is my problem, I failed to plan my money. I also failed to manage my own planing money. I failed to handle my own problem about handling money.. I really failed because i want to be like others.. But finally, i realize that was not my necessity but it was my desire of things..

For right now i want to share its because don't what more of people to manage their own money.. I will share it after i finally manage my own financial..By the way you can make opinion from bankers to manage your finance.

So, stay tune with my blog.. Hopefully this simple idea will make you realise about simple thing, what you not realize..

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Think Like A Billionaire!!!

Assallammualaikum and Hi,

Firstly, i want to share i just get my public bank debit card. So, i can verified my Paypal acc. :-) Even do its was late, but its was my first step to get successfully in my Internet Business. So, if we done start our first step, so we can get more to start successful.So, my Paypal more step to reach in verified user..

What i want to share is, i just borrowed a book from library at my office, the book written by Billionaires who start the Apprentice!Mr. Donald J. Trump! :-) Actually i dint yet finish done read the book. But, in the starting of book its make me really excited to know what will I get after next sheet.. :-)

After read few of the sheet from his book, he start with want us to start think like Billionaires!!For sure if we done think like they we cant get achieve the target right?!!

It's was really exciting when i start read about his book.. He make me to learn something done realize something maybe we think its simple but in cant make we achieve our target..!!

For sure all of us done trust if Mr.Donald J.Trump said he never ever used ATM card in his life?!! But its really for sure he doesn't no how to use it..?!! Its make he know how to control his money..

Other things different from us is he just sleep only 4 hours per day.. He sleep on 1 a.m then hes week up at 5 a.m..What?!! Just 4 hours sleep?!!

So, if we want to start to achive our target to be a Billionaires we need to start this few step today!! I will share more of it after i done read. I will share its on my next blog.. So, stay tune.. :-)

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Yesterday Of Learning Lesson!!Extra Money!!

Assallamualaikum And Hi,

I want to share with all my readers about lesson i get yesterday.. What i want to share is 9 step to start you own business..

1- Make you own hobby as a business.
2- Thing's or service you search but you not found it.
3- Solve other problem then share with others..
4 - Make a new habit or full of passion in matter.
5- Use your experience in job right now.
6- Take a old idea make it to fresh or new idea.
7 - Others bigs company cant do it own..
8- Make a research today trend- Use it to solve it..
9- Take a chance with others failers product and make it different.

Hopefully with this sharing, all of u can make some of idea to make extra money..
More others info if u want stay tune with my blog.. :-)

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally My Own Domain Name


Fuh!!Finally i had my own domain name.. :-) I really need help.. Hopefully Mr. Timerz my hosting seller.. Its really help full.. I want to share with all is this was not simple as we thought.. But with help its make we done its more easier..Supporter by this hosting really help me.. This was my First Step investment to Full my Earn..

Firstly in my new blog what i want to share is,you may start e-biz by buying our own domain before others people get you own domain name.. :-) I want to share my hosting plan because its really chip & even student package their have.. Rm 20 u get u’r hosting with rm 28 for domain name..

I really need help from others to get more help.. But i will not less my sharing of info getting more money.. For today info i want to share with all is about Payloadz..

How we can get more money buy register in Payloadz and get money..

If u done have PayPal must register it first and get verified..

Then, u can must register with PayLoadz.

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If u all need to know more info just email me.. :-)

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