Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dealing with own problem to manage money?!!

Assalammualaikum and Hi..

Firstly i want to share with all about the sadness about missing child of Sharline about a week.. Everyday in news story about this child will been the first in news.. How come this issue can be more worse..? We as Malaysian not have feel of neighborhood..

Back to the title, dealing with own problem manage money?!!
By the way, i want to share with all is, about my own manage money.. What is make this problem is, we done failed make planning but we failed to plan.

What is my problem, I failed to plan my money. I also failed to manage my own planing money. I failed to handle my own problem about handling money.. I really failed because i want to be like others.. But finally, i realize that was not my necessity but it was my desire of things..

For right now i want to share its because don't what more of people to manage their own money.. I will share it after i finally manage my own financial..By the way you can make opinion from bankers to manage your finance.

So, stay tune with my blog.. Hopefully this simple idea will make you realise about simple thing, what you not realize..

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