Friday, January 4, 2008

Disepointed...Still had the same email about getting money..

Assalammualaikum and hi to all my friend readers..
What did I want to share is,some of us still not know what is the scam and the true way of getting money from the Internet..But right now what i want to share is.. The way of getting extra money using the internet.. We not laying to others but we share what we get from the internet..
Still done now what to sell and still not sure that u product can sell..?
That's what i have think a lots.. But it done get me anywhere on 2007.. Just think what to do in no action we will get nothing.. So?!! "Just Do It" Nike slogan.. :-) If we dint start the first step of getting extra money,we will still in the same place,because we dint start the first step to get the first learning of extra from internet..
Done be the spam even do we want to get extra money.. What i mean is done lied to people to get easy way to get money by using name of "Jihad Economy" to get the easy way of extra money.. Its done have simply way to get the money.. But its still have the way to get extra money ..I will share the way in my next blog episode.. :-)
Hope u all will stay tune..And get some idea to start new step..