Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost Money In Domain Name?!!

Hmm.. I'm really seed because my early of domain name had a problem yesterday.. All my post in the recent post has missing.. :(
So, I had to make new back.. Even do its never make me lost my spirit to share with all of u.. :)

So, what i want to share?!! First of all make sure all of among us want to get money from internet.. Right?! I want to share with all of u what i done to get some extra money.. :)

1) Join the Forum paid per post.. Done make the SPAM to the forum..Just in one post we want to make selling.. First of all make a friend with all members of forum.. Give first take later..

2) Paid per survey.

3) Sell a picture.

4) Sell info to others blog

5) Make own blog attach adsense to our blog or web.. :)

6) Join others from advertisement and publish at our web or blog.

Simple one cents sharing from me...