Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally My Own Domain Name


Fuh!!Finally i had my own domain name.. :-) I really need help.. Hopefully Mr. Timerz my hosting seller.. Its really help full.. I want to share with all is this was not simple as we thought.. But with help its make we done its more easier..Supporter by this hosting really help me.. This was my First Step investment to Full my Earn..

Firstly in my new blog what i want to share is,you may start e-biz by buying our own domain before others people get you own domain name.. :-) I want to share my hosting plan because its really chip & even student package their have.. Rm 20 u get u’r hosting with rm 28 for domain name..

I really need help from others to get more help.. But i will not less my sharing of info getting more money.. For today info i want to share with all is about Payloadz..

How we can get more money buy register in Payloadz and get money..

If u done have PayPal must register it first and get verified..

Then, u can must register with PayLoadz.

Then u can read the T.O.S at the PayLoadz.

If u all need to know more info just email me.. :-)

From my own domain name FirstFullEarn

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