Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Manage Our Angry!!

Assalammualaikum and Hi..

Did u had make a decision when angry? Can u remind it back and think about it? Did u make a decision in right place? For sure u will make the decision with your heart feeling right?!! :)

Because i also had the same things,that's was what i want to share with all about the right decision in the cool situation. If we don't something job especially need the decision don't do it a bad mood,moody condition or in not good mood.

To make our dealing in our project make sure our mood will not take a part to make a decision.. If not all of our project will not being success..

To manage our angry my 3 step of suggestion :-

1) Take a deep breath.. Then smooth the breath slowly..
2) When u was stand up, better sit down in chair to make your angry cool down..
3) Wash face with water...

That's was simple way to manage your angry.. Because it will not make us go any ware..