Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meaning Of Money at my eye's and Malaysian..

Assallammualaikum and good morning.. Hmm... What is meaning of money at my opinion??!! For sure everything today need a money..!! Right or not?!!
So, i want to ask,money are important to us or not?!! For me money is everything.. Not because i'm crazy of money.. But without of money we cant do anything.. But if we had a money we can buy or bought anything we want.. Right?!!
Today, was 2nd day for school in Malaysia right..?!! For sure many people will spent more time at school with their child.. Because, some of their child are afraid go to school and excited go to school.. What i meant is,some of us are afraid to spent their time & some money to make different life.
For sure when we had money problem,we will get spam email,sms and mailbox letter.. What i mean?!!! For sure i had get the letter and email about how simple we can get Rm30,000 with the name of alms money to help each other ISLAM!!!! What their mean of that?!!! Their really don't realize what are their doing by using the name of ISLAM!!!
But what i want to share is don't being fool with this guys or group who want to use your money for their own use.. I hope by my sharing of this info,more of use more alert about this things..
See u in next topic..